Coke: A major disappointment

Following the disappointing defeat in Darmstadt, goalscorer Coke shared his thoughts as did sporting director Christian Heidel. 


The biggest difference between Darmstadt and us today was that they took the few chances they had and we wasted a huge number of them. Football is a crazy game and this one was a major disappointment for us. As we prepare for our Europa League second leg on Thursday, we need to stick together and shift our focus entirely to Ajax. I’m sad that we lost the game but it was nice to get a goal. However I definitely would have preferred to have left Darmstadt with three points.

Christian Heidel:

If I were to say that I’ve had better days, that would be an understatement. Everything just went wrong. Darmstadt scored from their first attack. We then created loads of chances but we failed to take any of them. We even missed a penalty and then what happened is something we have seen on many occasions. The way in which Darmstadt got their second goal summed it up. We’ve come away with a seemingly impossible defeat but this has been a common theme this season and of course it’s happened at a really bad time. Every player was aware that a win would have helped us climb the table. Results completely went our way on Saturday. We’ve missed the chance to score and if you do that, you can’t win games like these.