S04 and Gazprom meet at SPIEF in St. Petersburg

Officials from FC Schalke 04 have been in attendance at the St. Petersburg International Economics Forum 2017, including supervisory board chairman Clemens Tönnies. While there, he has taken the opportunity to meet with Gazprom chief Alexej Miller.

S04 and Gazprom had previously agreed an extension to the current sponsorship lasting until 2022, taking the successful partnership even further, having already run into its second decade a year ago. The agreement was reached between Clemens Tönnies, S04 head of marketing Alexander Jobst and Alexej Miller, coincidentally also in St. Petersburg. 

The meeting was symbolic ahead of the official extension to the contract, which kicks off on 1st July 2017, as was Tönnies and Miller signing Schalke jerseys. “I am delighted about the extension of our partnership to 2022. We have been working together closely for many years, and so a continuation made complete sense,” explained Tönnies, whose personal friendship with Miller further enabled an highly constructive atmosphere during the talks in 2016.

Jobst further discussed his view on extending the contract a year ago. “With this long-term deal, GAZPROM continues to contribute massively to the economic stability of FC Schalke 04 and our club’s structure. Planning with this kind of security is a milestone for our economic progress, along with our plans to take on joint projects in the Chinese market.”

The partnership between GAZPROM and FC Schalke is one of the longest-standing in the Bundesliga. The energy firm has acted as the club’s primary sponsor since January 2007, including shirt sponsorship. The agreement has also allowed GAZPROM to establish itself as one of the leading sponsors in European football.