Pablo Insua: Want to reach my maximum quickly

New signing Pablo Insua has been embraced by his new teammates very well and was part of their 9-1 victory in Erkenschwick. The Spaniard chats with about his new club, the language barrier, his favourite position and the status of the Royal Blues in the Iberian Peninsula.

Pablo Insua, you have completed your first two weeks at Schalke. How do you feel in your new home?

The team have embraced me really nicely and I am very glad about that. I already knew beforehand that Schalke is a huge club but I wasn’t able to really understand how impressive the whole place is until I saw all the fans there. My first impressions of the stadium facilities and the people here have been 100% positive! I am delighted to be here. But there is the language barrier which is why Coke and Franco Di Santo are my go-to people here. My aim is to learn German quickly so that I can communicate with all of my teammates and since I like going to the cinema, that is a further incentive to understand everything as quickly as possible.

Domenico Tedesco speaks Spanish, meaning that you won’t have any issues understanding the coach.

That is very good for me and will help a lot. If the coach gives instructions, he will definitely do that in German to start with but since there are several Spanish-speaking players in the team, he then also goes through everything in Spanish.

What is your favourite position?

I prefer to play in the middle of a back four. I was always the central defender if I played in a back three. I want to reach my maximum as quickly as possible to help the team be successful. The competition in defence is obviously high but that spurs me on.

Did you come to Gelsenkirchen alone?

No, my girlfriend Joana is here too. This is a new and exciting chapter in our lives. 

Did you get a sense of what people think about Schalke back home?

From the time that Raul played here, many Spaniards have talked about Schalke as well as after the 4-3 victory at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu in the Champions League. That really made the club a talking point but I already knew about Schalke before that and am proud to now be able to be a part of this fantastic club.

And the Bundesliga in general? What status does German football enjoy in Spain?

The Premier League and the Bundesliga as the top leagues in Europe behind the Primera Division. There are a lot of good teams who play at a high level. Sure, we also have good teams in Spain like Real Madrid and Barcelona but the depth is not as strong. I am now really looking forward to getting to know the Bundesliga!