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On 12 August 1978 representatives of ten supporters clubs came together in the Gelsenkirchen district of Schalke to establish the Schalke Fan Club Association (SFCV). The main objectives then and now were to support FC Schalke 04 and represent the interests of the individual supporters clubs vis-à-vis the club and in public. None of the founder members could have envisaged that the SFCV would go on to be such a resounding success and serve as a model for many other clubs.

As of summer 2013 the SFCV comprised almost 1,000 registered supporters clubs with around 90,000 members. To these can be added a host of unregistered fan clubs, members, friends, supporters and partners.

The SFCV is made up of the following bodies:

  • Executive committee
  • Supervisory board
  • District secretaries/districts

The SFCV always was and remains open to all unorganised Schalke fans as a point of contact. The principle of fair and respectful dialogue among fans in accordance with the club's mission statement is fundamental.

The SFCV is a member of Unsere Kurve, an interest group representing supporter organisations of various clubs in Germany.


Schalke Fan Club Association (SFCV)
Berni-Klodt-Weg 1
D-45891 Gelsenkirchen

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