Domenico Tedesco explains misunderstanding

A phrase Domenico Tedesco used in relation to Benedikt Höwedes’ loan sparked discontent. Schalke’s head coach took the time to speak self-critically on the issue after the charity match in Gütersloh on Thursday (31st August) in order to put the misunderstanding to rest.

“I’ve always stressed that I’d like to see Bene stay at Schalke. And I really mean that,” says the 31-year-old. “Unfortunately he made the decision to move, which is a shame. We all wish him a good time in Italy from the bottom of our hearts.” Tedesco took Höwedes aside for a word after the final training before the game in Hannover. “In a one-on-one conversation, I reminded Bene once again that I absolutely wanted him to stay,” reports the coach. “And Bene also told me that he’d like to stay at Schalke.”

In addition, he told the World Cup winner, “that the phrase I used at the press conference before the Hannover match (‘Don’t let the door hit you on the way out’) wasn’t meant like that,” explains the coach. “I was asked at the press conference whether I’d like to keep Benedikt Höwedes. I answered ‘yes’ clearly and simply.” The next question referred to a possible veto from the trainer against the transfer, even if the player desperately wants to leave the club. “There have been lots of past examples from other clubs that show it doesn’t make much sense to keep a player who wants to leave. My phrase ‘don’t let the door hit you on the way out’ was intended to describe this pointless endeavour. It was not in reference to Benedikt.” Tedesco self-critically emphasised: “This phrase was a poor choice on my part. It won’t be happening again.”