The cashless payment card for the VELTINS Arena

A new currency was created for all payment transactions inside the VELTINS Arena: the Knappe. Cash is not accepted at the stadium refreshment kiosks. The Knappe is an artificial currency that can be loaded onto a Knappen Card electronically. One Knappe is the equivalent of one euro. You can load money onto the card in five euro steps up to a maximum of 150 euros.


The electronic currency makes for much faster service at the VELTINS Arena. If you fancy a freshly poured Veltins pils or succulent bratwurst during the half-time interval, simply go to one of the 32 refreshment stands dotted about the stadium. On making your purchase, present your Knappen Card and the equivalent value of the items you buy will be deducted from it. There is no change involved and no time-consuming counting of small and large coins.

Key information

You can get your Knappen Card from one of the dedicated mobile or stationary outlets situated on the walkways inside the VELTINS Arena. The staff there will be happy to advise should you have a question or a problem. Ahead of an event you can also acquire a Knappen Card at the S04 ServiceCenter on the club complex.


There is no need to worry about losing any money that may be left on your Knappen Card when you leave the VELTINS Arena at the end of an event. The money on your card can be exchanged for euros at the Knappen Card outlets at any time. If you are in no rush or often spend time at Schalke, you can also cash your card in at the S04 ServiceCenter on the club complex during normal business hours.

The Knappen Card remains the property of FC Schalke 04 Arena Management GmbH. It will be withdrawn from circulation as soon as the money loaded onto it has been spent in full. If the card is lost, the existing credit will be refunded only if you can quote the card number and provide of proof of acquisition. The Knappen Card will be disabled without delay if it is misused or manipulated.

When your Knappen Card is nearly empty, you can load more money onto it at one of the dedicated outlets inside the stadium.

You can use your Knappen Card at any event held at the VELTINS Arena, i.e. not just Schalke matches but also concerts etc.

A special service is available to Schalke season ticket holders, who can load money straight onto their multipurpose season ticket and thus do not require a separate Knappen Card. The outlets inside the VELTINS Arena are available for this purpose. You can load money onto your ticket or card as many times as you like before and during a season.

Why Knappen Card?

The name of the Arena currency is closely associated with the tradition and history of FC Schalke 04. Way back in the 1920s, when the club embarked on its legendary run of success, the players were revered by the fans, who dubbed them Die Knappen. The nickname came from the attachment of the club and its players to the mining industry, as a miner who had completed his apprenticeship was known as a Knappe. In the 1930s and 1940s, when Schalke won championship upon championship, the nickname became famous across the country.